Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cough cough

Ugh. Stupid cough. I can't seem to shake it. I haven't been able to go see Lochlan for two days now. Please Lord, take this silly cough away so I can go see my baby tomorrow!

So frustrating!

The only comfort I have is knowing that he is being taken great care of by wonderful nurses and doctors. He is now off of morphine but his CO2 levels are still high so they are trying to tweak those. He also had a chest x-ray today and it is still showing lung disease which is to be expected at his gestational age. Poor lil guy. I really hope his lungs sort themselves out soon.

On a side note, we lost our house. The one we bought. Some other people swept in and took it from us. Dinks. It was conditional upon selling our house that we have now and we had til June 4th. Unfortunately the people that bought it didn't have a house to sell so they were able to steal it from us. I was upset to say the least but decided to get over it. So what. It was a house. Our prayers are being channelled to Lochlan's well being right now and that is totally okay with me. Besides, the home inspection indicated that we'd have to spend a lot of money in a short amount of time to fix various things, one of those being the roof in a few years. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise! We avoided a money pit if you will. So Rob and I went to look at a few homes today and are even thinking of building. Problem is our house in on the market now and we wouldn't be able to get into our house until October if we built. We shall see. Everything happens for a reason. We're going to look at a few more tomorrow.

Tonight Rob and I are going to see WWE RAW. I can't believe I just said that. Could be a great stress reliever. Rob's big on wrestling. Me not too much. I watched when I was a kid and will check it out whenever he's got it on but I got the tickets for him and a buddy last minute but his buds were busy so I'm going to go. Should be interesting. We'll go for dinner first and make an evening out of it. It's been a while since we've had date night so I'm really looking forward to it. Rob said I need to practice up on my swearing and yelling. I'll work on the yelling at least! Hilarious!

Kisses and hugs to you, Lochlan.
Til tomorrow.

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