Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sneak a peek at 1 week

I was terribly disappointed and sad that yesterday I couldn't see my baby. I have this strange and annoying cough. It's not constant. I have to other symptoms. Yet it's too risky to visit the NICU.

Good news is that Lochlan had a good day yesterday. They started him on 1cc of my milk (collostrum) every 8 hours. It's nice to think that when I was pumping he was "nursing" too.

Today, I was able to visit with him. Again, he was having a good day. He had his ultrasound done on his brain today and an echo as well but we haven't heard back yet about the results. I am waiting for the phone to ring as I type this.

While I was there, some of his levels were a bit high so they were playing with that. Everytime his head is turned to the right, he seems to struggle a bit more. By the time I left, they'd turned his head the other direction and the levels started to come back down. Thing is, he needs to have his head face each direction so many times a day to prevent flat head and other issues.

While I was there he got some more of my milk and they've increased the feeds to 1cc every 4 hours now. He's tolerating it very well. I'm very pleased.
He is now 1 week old and I can't believe one week has passed already and yet it's not fast enough. I want the days to fly by. The weeks to fly by. So that in approx. 14 weeks our son can be home with us.

Lochlan's right eye has now opened up while his left continues to be fused. This is completely normal but it was so neat to see him sort of "looking" at me today while I talked to him.

My tiny lil man is amazing. I can't wait to see him again tomorrow.

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