Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An awesome appointment

This morning I had another Bio Physical Profile where they watch for movements and stretching and measure fluid and watch for practice breathing. In the last few times I've had them done, our miracle baby scored 4 out of 8. You get 2pts for each or 0.
Today, we scored a 6! Which was amazing considering the nurse said I'd probably never get points for fluid. There was a 2cm pocket of fluid - very low but still enough to earn our little one points! Woo-hoo! Also, there was some practice breathing happening, but it must be 30sec in a row and baby McDonald practiced for 15seconds. But again -- a great accomplishment as we are moving in the right direction! The little gaffer had hiccups too while we were there. So cool to feel those but it tuckered babe out and so while I was on the heart rate check, although it was very consistent, the baby was definitely resting.
So far so good.

Not so good it that we are in the process of buying a house, as well as selling our house. We have until June 4th to sell ours as part of the conditions. Unfortunately, I just heard from our real estate agent who told us that someone else put an offer in on the house we bought conditional on financing and home inspection. They don't have a house to sell. So annoyed. Postive thing is last night we had 2 showings and the one couple is coming back tonight for another showing. Please God, bless us on this too in that we can sell our house asap. I do not want to lose this house we love so much. But whatever will be, will be. Good thing is too that on Friday, if these people come through, we will have 24 hours to wave our conditions or let it go. Scary thought, but I am confident we will sell our house. I just didn't think it was possible to have another offer go in when things were moving along so well for us and they accepted our offer already. Strange. But I'm learning lots. And now have something else to pray about. Is it wrong to wish they don't get financing? lol

Anyway, I saw my students I was teaching before all of this happened today. Stopped in for lunch and had a nice little visit. It was great to see their smiling faces. Who knows what the future holds. Perhaps I'll be back there one day. We shall see.

Take care. And thank you for your continued prayers,


  1. Glad to hear the appointment went well and baby McDonald is doing great!!! Keep up the good work Jennifer!!! and good luck with the house!! I am sure everything will work out just as it should!!

    Amy Storms:)

  2. Way to go baby McDonald! Way to go Mom!