Saturday, May 29, 2010

Needing a break

Well, my boy needed a break. He got pretty tuckered out and they decided to re-intubate him. This time with the bigger tube. He is stable and on a bit of morphine which they always give when babies are intubated. Sue, his nurse stopped his feeds for the time being just to give him a bit of a rest and I asked about him getting hungry and she said that if he shows signs, she'll definitely resume his feeds.

I can't believe I missed the phone call though. The ringer is off on our phone in the bedroom but I usually hear the downstairs phone. I guess I was pretty pooped myself and didn't hear it. So needless to say I got a little concerned when I saw we had a message when I got up to pump at 3am. The doctor had called just before 2am. Note to self - put the ringer back on!

What's crazy is that Abby, when I went to check in on her just after midnight before heading to bed, said "hi mommy" when I opened the door. Then she wouldn't settle. I tried snuggles in her room but it just wasn't enough and I ended up bringing her into bed with me for a bit. Which rarely happens. She had also asked for medicine but when I took her temp, it was fine. And everything else seemed alright. Weird. Anyway, I had got her back to bed and fell asleep myself so that's probably why I didn't hear the phone because my exhaustion had settled in. Abby is such a good sleeper and I can count on one hand how many times she's woken in the middle of the night other than when she was a newborn. So maybe she felt her brother going through a tough time.

I am sad but I knew that this was most likely going to be the reality for Lochlan. It was good practice anyway for him. And slow and steady wins the race!

Keep him in your prayers.

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