Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nighttime visit

Well it was another busy, but great weekend. Rob was in a soccer tournament so I spent a lot of time with the Ab-ster on my own. It was nice. Tiring since it's the most I've spent with her since this fiasco started, but worth every moment. She is amazing!

Anyway, on to Lochlan's progress. He is doing wonderful. The new tube seems to be working well for him. He still has some spells, but he's doing great.

Yesterday, we got to snuggle again! (and d'oh I forgot my camera again! Probably should say "DUH!") It had been a so-so kind of day, so I mentioned that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to hold him and Julie, his nurse agreed. But then she changed her mind and I made sure to mention for her not to change her mind just because she felt bad for me. I obviously want what's best for Lochlan. But I'm glad she did because we both loved it! His stats were great almost the entire time. I say almost because right at the end, he wiggled a bit and then he de-sated and was struggling to breathe. They quickly put him back in his isolette and had to suction him. He had a lot of secretions in his tube and therefore it was blocking his airway. Poor lil guy. It had nothing to do with me but it was a bit of scare of course. Also because the nurses couldn't hook his tube up fast enough so they had to "bag him." There isn't actually a bag involved but they hook it up to his tube and then give him manual breaths by squeezing this thing. Like my technical terms?! lol

Anyway, he was fine. We had a wonderful 45 mins to an hour snuggle. It just felt right.

Last night, Danielle came over and I got her to take back some bottles I've pumped. She has a deep freeze compared to our fridge freezer which had zero room for more bottles. I think I've got a pretty good stash going - what do you think?

Today was busy with Rob's soccer tourney and spending time with Abby. I didn't get a chance to get to the hospital until after Ab was in bed and Rob was home. Lochlan was having a good day and his evening was off to a great start as well. His nurse was Alyssa and she was wonderful! He is up to 8mls of b. milk and it is going up to 9mls at midnight. They were increasing his feeds 1cc every 12 hours. He may sit at 9 for a while or go up to 10mls. It all depends on his weight with how much breastmilk and TPN he gets. He is almost weaned entirely off of the TPN. (fluids and such)

Speaking of his weight he is now 1020 grams!!! (2.4 pounds) How exciting. He's almost 2 1/2 pounds! I guess last night he was up to 1050 so he dropped but that was with the tube and its weight but I'm happy with 1020! That's great.

Tomorrow he will have his blood work done which he gets every Monday. Good times!
I'm super tired so I'm off to pump before bed.

Thank you for your continued support. The prayers are working.

P.S. Here are some pics to enjoy!

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  1. Oh Jenn he is beautiful. You have been blessed with two beautiful children, you must feel so blessed. Stay strong and we will continue to prat for your family.