Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two weeks old

I finally remembered to take my camera in to take a few pics of our lil guy. There he was on his belly - all comfy cozy. Although he was requiring some extra oxygen today, he's been doing pretty good.

Last night when I called there had been some excitement. Lochlan decided he'd had enough, and pulled out his breathing tube. They had to reintubate him. Good times. Thank God everything ended up being fine. They tried to put him on some other kind of respiratory help, but he wasn't ready yet and they went back to to oscillator. Apparently when the tube was completely removed, there were some secretions so he really was trying to tell them something. During all this he also had a giant poop - all on his own too!

Megan, his night nurse when I called before bed said that after all the excitement settled down, it was pretty late, and because everything was fine, she didn't want to worry me to call. That definitely would have not been a fun thing to see late at night - the hospital's phone number. I pray I never see it.

I still can't believe that it has been two weeks now since I was at home at this very time, getting ready to watch American Idol. It had just ended and I got up to do my nightly bathroom break before settling in to sleep. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but when I went to the bathroom, I felt like I was passing a blood clot - which had happened many times throughout the rupture of my membranes...but this time something felt different. When I felt around, I knew something wasn't right. I looked in the mirror and there was the umbilical cord. I had made it four weeks after my membranes ruptured and now, the cord had prolapsed.

Rob and I rushed to the hospital, and I was so concerned about sitting on the cord, I didn't want to cut off anything to the baby so I was leaning on my side. Needless to say, when we arrived at KGH everything was a complete and utter blur. I won't go into further detail but it was one of the scariest things I have ever been through. Rob said the doctors told him this is the highest emergency situation for childbirth. Hard to believe that at 10pm I was feeling Lochlan's kicks and ready for sleep and 44 minutes later, he was born.

Abby's birth wasn't entirely an easy ride - some of you may know the story there, but Lochlan's topped this even. Crazy. I keep thinking, my word, thank God we live in the year we do where doctors and nurses are trained in this type of thing and technology is so far developed that they - together, are able to save lives. I can't even imagine not only if this were years ago, but also, if we didn't live in Canada. The lack of access to equipment and knowledge, or the money we would have had to and would continue to spend on his care. Amazing. I'm extremely thankful.

Anyway, that's just something I've been thinking about lately. How twice I'm lucky to be alive after childbirth and that my two beautiful children are strong and blessed as well.

Getting back to Lochlan, he had another head ultrasound today but we won't get the results back for a few days at least. Please pray that the blood on his brain is being absorbed. He now weighs 900 grams (1 pound and 15 1/2 ounces or so)

Rob gave blood for the first time today. His first time is for our son. If there is a need for Loch to have another blood transfusion, Rob's blood will be what runs through his veins. There's definitely a comfort there.

Thank you again and again for your support, prayers and positive thoughts. You, my dear friends are wonderful.

*** Quick Update*** @ 11:30pm
I just spoke with Glenda, his night nurse and Lochlan is doing well. He now weighs 945 grams (2.08 pounds) !!!! Our lil guy is now 2 lbs!!! How exciting is that!??
Woo-hoo! Okay, off to bed.


  1. Amazing Jen!!! Simply amazing!!! You have witnessed first hand 2 miracles....Your children have showed just how strong they really are:)It must feel nice to see Lochlan hit that 2lbs mark....Keep it up Lochlan!!!!

    Amy Storms

  2. 2 that's great, Lochlan is definitely a little fighter and is showing just how strong he is by pulling out his tubes..that is so cute. Good to hear his system is working well too. I have heard that intestinal problems are common in preemies, so glad to hear that it's not so with Lochlan. I hope and pray that his new scan comes back with good news. All the best hun and please keep bloggin!